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Working for Web Designers

You design the website – we build it and provide support. On time, on budget and we build business with you.

If you are good at designing websites, you have probably heard of Drupal. It allows you to build flexible, functional websites that can be added to and expanded as your client needs.

Handing over development of a website to us ensures your client gets a website that works for their business – good for SEO, standards compliant, good for usability and accessibility, reliable, easy to use and with full training, backup and support.   It means further business for you, the designer, too.  All successful websites are works in progress and because we work hard to ensure success for your client, you’ll find they keep coming back to you for design updates, extra features, new page styles, promotional pages, video players and more……….

....And What They Get In Return

Infomagnet has a partnership scheme that offers all designers commission on new development work – so it’s a good business choice for you as well as your clients.

We want designers to challenge us.  Give us designs that are cutting edge, hard to do, beautiful and attention grabbing.  We’ll do the rest to ensure a happy client and business that keeps coming back to you.

If you want a demo of how a Drupal site works, then please give us a call.  We’re Drupal and open source enthusiasts so we’re always happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

Ready to design a site?  Or already have a web design that you'd like to build?  This is what we need.  We prefer a kit of pages and buttons and sometimes a few explanations – see the list of deliverables here.  It takes 8 weeks to deliver a CMS site, 10-12 weeks for a standard ecommerce site from the day you deliver these files to us.  Your client will have a formal quote and this will be the final price as long as there are no design or functionality changes once these files are delivered to us.

Get in touch now for a demo and a chat about how it works.