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What We Do

We make websites that help you to make or save money.  If you're in business and have a website that's not doing one of those two things, then save your money now.  But if you'd like a website which you can manage yourself by changing content such as text, photos, videos, then this is the kind of site we build.  The most basic sites we make for our clients are CMS sites (Content Management System) and are built using Drupal, the most popular and best Open Source CMS.  We build online shops where you can sell your physical goods, downloads, memberships and subscriptions.

Not only do we build websites for our clients, we provide training so that they can use them to their best effect - adding and editing items, managing a store and stock control system, checking payments for fraud, marketing your site in search engines - these are just some of the things you need to know about if you're running a website or an online store - and we're there to provide knowledge and training, as you need it, as you grow.  And it doesn't stop at simple e-commerce;  Infomagnet provides all the electronic and integration services you need to run a business on the web including: Multi-seller, multi-buyer "marketplace" websites, EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems that integrate with your website, integration with delivery systems, broking systems, inventory management as well as accounting and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.  And we do all of this using Drupal - there is no other system which offers the flexibility to allow you to start small and fast and add any feature you can think of to your website when the time is right.


Building websites

From simple gallery sites to complex multi-part website development, we build websites on time and on budget.  We use open source technologies so that you have the flexibility to move your website and you're not tied in to one provider, host or a specific technology.

Drupal Development

We're experts in Drupal development - it's what we do!  We use Drupal to build all our websites and have a reputation for module development, high level theming, advanced Ubercart sites and systems integration.

For designers

We turn your Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop files into Drupal templates, providing a great website for your client, with training, support and all the portability and flexibility you get with Open Source.  We provide a partner scheme for designers too.

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