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Before we made the decision to specialise in Drupal development, we created a few other interesting sites and applications.  We're including some information on these here.  We no longer develop these applications but if you find them interesting or wish to develop them further, please get in touch.

Global-i is still online and you can see it here.  We developed this application in 2003 and it attracted quite a bit of attention at the time.  It uses a java applet to create a 3D globe that works within a web browser and you can see many types of economic, demographic, military, health and development data displayed graphically on the globe.  Developing Global-i was an interesting challenge - not least in gathering all the data.  There are almost a million lines of data in the database, sourced from all over the web - and the continent and country files which define the boundaries required by a java applet were created from declassified CIA files.  We had to develop an algorithm to simplify these for use in the applet.

There is also an instructional video available here.  We still produce such videos for use on the web and are video enthusiasts.

Another application we developed back in 2001 was simply called; this was a datamining application.  It's worth mentioning still because it shows our interest in one of the fundamental problems of the internet.  We're creating data at such an astonishing rate that finding useful information becomes a real issue.  Our tagline back then was "extracting information from a sea of data"........  And while Google makes fantastic advances with the quality and diversity of its search results, Google and all the other search engines are limited - they are not intelligent applications, capable of discerning information from data.  Not yet, at least.