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Mrs Moon
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Mrs Moon

Selling yarn and haberdashery online sounds like a simple business - but it's very competitive and that's not surprising.  After all, yarns, patterns and fabrics are ideal items to sell online - easy to package, light weight, unbreakable in transit - and in demand. Knitting is a hip business these days.

So, for Mrs Moon, we looked hard at the competition and aimed to beat the best sites in many key areas.

Some key features of Mrs Moon's website are:

  • EPOS system for the Mrs Moon shop in St Margaret's, London.
  • Previews of available colours in product and category view.
  • Product kits - allowing users to choose a pattern and to purchase all the wool, needles and accessories required to make it with one click. Users can select colours and sizes; default quantities are adjusted automatically according to pattern size selected.  This functionality and the product kit is easily administered by the site owner and stock control as well as out of stock messages are available for each constituent product in the kit.
  • Non-shippable products such as courses are available to book online as well as shippable products.
  • Video incorporated in the blog and in "how to" pages. launched in June 2010 and further features will be added in autumn 2010.

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