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Morant Wright
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Morant Wright

Private fund mangement comapny Morant Wright chose Infomagnet to develop a Drupal based website to aid client communications.

Extensive use is made of a newsletter so that clients are given regular, up-to-date statements of their holdings.  Each newsletter contains pdf downloads with the relevant account statements.

When a user logs in, they see the funds and menus that are relevant to themselves only.

We used SIFR for the main navigation - this allows us to use a non-system font but for the site to remain accessible (readable by screen readers and allowing tabbed browsing) and also allows the site owner to create their own menu items in a bespoke font.

Another feature of this site is advanced user permissions.  Each page and each downloadable file can be restriced by user type or by user name, thus giving access to statements and performance charts to only the relevant users.  We also restrict the content available on this site until the disclaimer is read and agreed, after which the site uses cookies to remember that a user has agreed to the disclaimer.

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