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Integrating Systems and Services with Drupal

We love to make Drupal talk!

You know that having a Drupal website is all about flexibility - you can make it fit your needs as your organisation evolves. But often those needs are met by third party systems. For example, you're not going to make an accounting system or a point of sale system just using Drupal.

Making Drupal communicate with your other software is perhaps the most important flexibility you need. Whether it's a new software acquistion or integration of your legacy systems, a Drupal website can handle all of the communication with your clients and suppliers, letting your back end systems do the job they're designed to do.

Infomagnet have created the following kinds of integration:

  • warehousing and stock management systems
  • point of sale systems
  • provisioning systems
  • accounting systems
  • Feeds to data to comparison websites
  • content originality checking sytems
  • CRM systems

Case Study - systems integration on Surevoip

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