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We provide professional Drupal hosting for all our clients' websites.  Infomagnet has its own servers in a Tier 1 data centre in New York, USA. Our staff have full control over the hosting environment and are able to take full responsibility for how your website runs.  This is important when hosting a business website.  When something goes wrong, you want to know who is responsible for fixing it and be able to contact them straight away.  It is only when the company maintaining your site has complete control over hosting that they are able to carry out all work required to fix problems.  The converse - when you have seperate companies providing web hosting and site maintenance - can be frustrating.  Web hosts can blame the developers, developers can require impossible changes to the hosting environment and you, the client, are left in the middle not knowing who is responsible or where the problem really lies.

By providing hosting only to Drupal websites, we are able to close down many other services on our server and concentrate fully on security and reliability for our clients' sites.

All our sites are thoroughly backed up and archived.  We have a daily backup to an off-site mirror server in Texas USA and tape backups are taken weekly, with always at least two tape archives available.  What this means is that your website, including all your data - and your customer's data is safe.  That's important as you may well have legal obligations toward the storage of your customer data as well as real financial risk if you lose it.

The code of your site is kept on a seperate server in a Apache Subversion Code Repository.  This serves two functions - extra security of your site code - and version control for your site.  It means that many coders can work on your site at the same time without the risk of intefering with each other's work....  and that we can roll your site forward or back to any previous version of the site's code.  This provides real reliability and extra protection from attack for your website.

Hosting is provided to our clients in accordance with our SLA and we're proud of the high uptime record of over 99.99% that we achieve.  Our hosting fees are fixed for most clients and include hosting support (but not website support).  In general, hosting client sites falls into two categories - those requiring a unique IP address and a SSL certificate and simpler sites that do not require these.

If you have specific hosting requirements or have a high traffic, high bandwidth, high storage site, then we're happy to assist you too.  Aside from providing support on our own servers, we are able to provide support to your Drupal site if you have your own dedicated server.


Infomagnet uses Dell Poweredge 2 servers