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High Profile, High Traffic Drupal Websites

If you're wondering if Drupal is the right choice, maybe wondering about how much you can expand your website or just how scalable it is or whether it can handle the traffic.....  or just want to be sure you're in good company, here are some high profile Drupal websites.


FedEx uses Drupal for their news site


AT&T use Drupal for their Apps Beta Website

AT&T Apps Beta

Mattel, the world's largest toy company use Drupal


Sun Microsystems use Drupal for


Fujifilm use Drupal for the myfinepix community site


Zappos use Drupal on



Google use Drupal for ther M-lab website

Measurement Lab (M-Lab)


Symantec is using Drupal for Symantec Juice

ConsumerSearch use Drupal for their main website



Reuters is using Drupal for their Labs website


CNN use Drupal for ther CNNgo website



France 24 uses Drupal



BBC use Drupal for all of the following magazines

BBC Music Magazine
BBC Countryfile Magazine
BBC Focus Magazine
BBC Who Do You Think You Are Magazine
BBC History Magazine
BBC Home And Antiques



New York Observer uses Drupal

New York Observer


Mac World uses Drupal

Macworld Conference and Expo

Discovery Channel uses Drupal for their community website

Discovery Channel


Moto GP uses Drupal (and apparently serves over 2 million pages per day on a race weekend).


InfoWorld uses Drupal for its website




The Industry Standard uses Drupal



The Onion uses Drupal


Playboy uses Drupal for their German site


24 heures uses Drupal  

24 heures
Other Drupal sites from Edipress, publishers of 24 Heures, are, and


Fast Company uses Drupal


Popular Science uses Drupal


Mens Health uses Drupal


Sir Stirling Moss uses Drupal

The Grammy Awards use Drupal


Eric Clapton uses Drupal


Lucas Arts, the video game company of George Lucas uses Drupal


Robbie Williams uses Drupal


Beyonce uses Drupal

Beyonce's official website


Britney Spears uses Drupal


The Emmys uses Drupal


Francesca Battistelli uses Drupal


Avril Lavigne uses Drupal 


SXSW 2009 uses Drupal



Michael Jackson's website uses Drupal


Virgin Radio uses Drupal



Walt Disney uses Drupal for the ABC Family community website


The UK Government is using Drupal on this innovation initiative



Duke University uses Drupal for their website

Duke University



Stanford University use Drupal for their website



Rutgers University now use Drupal for their website



The King of Belgium uses Drupal for his website



The White House uses Drupal for their website
It's the most famous Drupal website and goes to show that governments can make good decisions sometimes!  It also shows that Drupal passes the American administration's security requirements.  Do you know the budget for this website ? 


Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville, Florida uses Drupal



The Australian Prime Minister uses Drupal



American Government Spending displayed on Drupal


MIT Media Lab uses Drupal


Linux Foundation uses Drupal


World Food Programme uses Drupal

World Food Programme


Human Rights Watch use Drupal

Human Rights Watch


Oxfam International use Drupal


United Nations use Drupal for the Stand Against Poverty campaign



ICANN, the domain name authority uses Drupal



Amnesty International use Drupal



The United Nations use Drupal for their End Poverty Campaign


Greenpeace uses Drupal for its UK site