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Infomagnet is an open office company!  Everything we do is open source.... and open office for us isn't only software.  Our office is open wherever and whenever at least one of us is connected to the internet.  That's pretty much all the time.

If you really need to meet us in person, we're available in a surprising number of European, North American and South American cities.  But let's save the gas and talk first.

For all other enquiries and most other contact, we're at the end of an email, skype or a phone. Email and skype are our preferred ways to keep in touch (we use Skype screen sharing and other free collaboration tools) and provide consultancy and training this way too.

If you're enquiring about jobs at Infomagnet, please visit the jobs page to see the positions available.

New Business: Matthew Leigh
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Support: Ariel Barriero
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