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Ubercart is a module which adds e-commerce functionality to a Drupal website.  It is well featured and makes use of many standard Drupal practices.  We like Ubercart - it's a great piece of software on which to build a leading e-commerce website.

Ubercart has many user contributed modules giving it extra functionality - from payment gateway integrations to gift vouchers, tax schemes and shipping system interations.  Apart from taking advantage of Drupal's very stable and versatile core, Ubercart makes use of much Drupal's methodology and has allowed us to create some very complex custom functionality for our clients easily and quickly.

If you'd like to see how Ubercart works and get a behind-the-scenes demo of a successful e-commerce website, please get in touch for an online demo.

Yes.  Ubercart comes as standard with a stock keeping system - it can monitor stock levels on a global or individual variant basis.  Ubercart sends site administrators warnings of low stock levels and produces reports relating to stock and stock levels.  The out of stock system prevents items being added to the cart and can show any relevant message required.  We can add functionality to pre-order out of stock items.

We can also expand Ubercart's stock keeping functionality, normally by use of a third party EPOS or inventory control system which can predict stock depletion rates and re-order automatically.

Yes it does.  We create sites running Ubercart that are fully VAT compliant.  Unlike some packages, Ubercart does not have support for specific taxes such as VAT or GST built in but instead uses modules to add this functionality - this is a good approach.  In fact, although it might seem like a simple, universal tax VAT can get so complex that each site requires some analysis and thought.  What kind of goods are you selling?  Are you selling wholesale or retail or both?  What volumes are you turning over?  Are your customers in the same country as your business, in the UK, in the EU or outside the EU.........?  And for each of these, are your customers VAT registered with an EU VAT number ?

There are different solutions to full VAT compatibility - sometimes this is achieved using Ubercart, sometimes it is achieved using a third-party accounting system such as Quickbooks and sometimes it is done with an EPOS system.  VAT compatibility needs to be assessed in each case but in the majority of cases - particularly retail sales - it is quite simple.  In any case, Ubercart can be used to create a website which is fully VAT compliant.

You may find this flowchart for working out your website VAT requirements useful - download the PDF here.

Yes.  We do a lot of integration work with Drupal / Ubercart - whether it's an accounting package, EPOS, a booking system or a delivery and warehousing system, we are familiar with using imports / exports and APIs to integrate Ubercart with other programs.  Please let us know your accounting needs and we'll advise on the quickest way to get started.

Ubercart can be integrated with EPOS systems and Infomagnet is one of the few companies to have done Drupal EPOS integration.  We favour the ECOPOS system from In2 Technology as a reasonably priced, industrial quality, open source EPOS system.  We are also happy to create integrations with other EPOS systems.