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support and pricing

We price all work on an individual basis.  We have a menu pricing system so it's easy and fast to price........ and we need to hear your detailed requirements first so please get in touch.  After an initial briefing by mail or a chat on the phone, we can give you a ball-park figure.  With a full brief, we can then give a formal quote, valid for a month and, for many websites, we are able to offer fixed price, fixed timescale development.

We generally find that our pricing is mid-range and we're told that our service is top-end.  You'll also find that prices for web development vary enormously and it's difficult to see why.  So please tell us about other solutions and developers you're looking at as we have plenty of experience and can tell you the differences, advantages and disadvantages for a whole variety of ways of building websites.

There are different kinds of support that you will need when you build and run your website.

  • Training and application support
  • E-business consultancy
  • Bugs and technical support
  • Hosting support

We provide all of the above.  Hosting support is 24/7 and ensures that your website is kept up and running all the time. (We have server uptime of over 99.99 %).  Hosting support is included in our annual hosting fees.

We provide technical support and bug fixes - all bugs are entered into our bug tracking system and are assigned to a handler.  Priority is given to anything that might prevent sales or access to the website.  Technical support is charged on an as needed basis.  In practice, most gallery sites need little to no support each year (although they often want to implement new features).  E-commerce sites require somewhat more technical support and it is highly variable from client to client.  Don't forget that since Drupal is open source software, support can be provided by companies other than ourselves - so we need to be competitive to keep your business.

Much of our work centres around our understanding and experience in all aspects of E-business.  We're often faced with questions which are not of a technical nature but concern business process, internet culture, internet business, trends, compliance and marketing.  We provide this support too, often working with partners who specialise in our clients' business area.

We also offer training in all aspects of Drupal and Ubercart use and e-commerce from planning and getting started all the way through to the technical aspects of coding and deploying high traffic secure Drupal websites.

The fastest way to get support is to email  Our clients also have our skype contact details.

For non support enquiries, just email us at or call on +44 (0)20 7193 3323

Contact details are here.

Drupal is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.  You own the design copyright if this is agreed with the Designer and you own any code custom created to produce the design.  All site code is made available to you at any time on request and, the code behind the Drupal CMS is in the public domain.

This question is key and your should ask it of any potential developer / software.  Find out what kind of license the software and database have and who owns them.

When we build you an e-commerce website, you won't be told just to read the user guide !  We give you training in every aspect of e-commerce.  After all, we have experience of all kinds of e-business so you should take advantage of this to help your website work.

The first training you receive is how to operate your site.  Unlike a simple gallery website, there is quite a bit to learn - processing orders, stock control, generating reports, handling refunds, vouchers, free samples........  Although straightforward, it takes a while (and at the beginning, you need to concentrate all your efforts on marketing) and so our approach is one of hand-holding.  We give you the minimum you need to get your site running and making sales as quickly as possible.  We handle everything that you don't know how to do....  and when something new arises - say, the first few times you need to give a refund or place an item in a sale, we show you how and make sure you're confident about it before moving on to the next thing to learn.  You are safe in the knowledge that there is always enough expertise to run your site professionally and keep your customers happy.  This kind of training can continue for a prolongued period as you wish to do more advanced things with your site and learn its capabilities as well as add more functionality as you grow.

Not only will you receive technical training but all new clients get a grounding in search engine optimisation, online marketing and the use of statistics to run their business.  Again, we take the same hand-holding approach as we do with technical training, giving you advice and news about the latest internet marketing trends you should employ.  How do you use blogs, forums, video, email, linked-in, Facebook and Twitter to enhance your business - this is all part of the training that we can provide.