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marketing my website

Yes we do.  SEO is an ongoing process.  Your targets change, your website changes, your business changes and the goalposts keep changing too since search engines change all the time.  When Infomagnet build your website, you're at a great starting point for SEO.  The site is well constructed and desiged for SEO and we give you training so that you can work on your copy, titles, descriptions, images and links for SEO.  After a while, you'll want to do more than this.... Infomagnet are always available to provide consultancy - to train you, to carry out SEO and, when necessary, to manage the right partner for your business.  SEO is not one-size-fits-all work........  sometimes it combines so closely with your other online marketing or your PR and marketing in general that it is more appropriate for your marketing department or agency to do some of this work.  We welcome this approach and advise on the technical aspects of SEO related changes that are recommended.

A classic question that doesn't have a straighforward answer. It depends.... The first thing to say is that it depends what business you're in - if it's highly competitive (maybe you've just had an idea for an online pharmacy or a dating website!), then you'll need a big budget and every trick in the book.  If, on the other hand, you have a very bespoke product or service with an unusual name and a particular niche that you're marketing to, you might not need to do anything at all. Chances are that there'll be so few other sites competing, that you'll be on the first page in no time without doing much at all.

If you're somewhere inbetween those two extremes, there are a couple of useful bits of advice:

If someone promises they can get you on the first page of Google (you'll receive lots of spammy mails promising this), they're probably not very reputable at all!  Nobody has a special, cheap, universal way of guaranteeing a first page result.  If they did, everyone would be going to them and the first page of Google would be very long indeed.

Cater to your website users first and search engines will follow.  Search engines are looking for very much the same things as users - a site with lots of same-subject-relevant content, regularly updated with rich media (text, images, audio, video, pdf files.....).  They're also looking for a site that people like to spend time on, that others think is worth blogging about and linking to.  So make a great site, adhere to simple guidelines and web standards, write really useful content and, as long as it's well built, search engines will like it.  Beyond that, there's more that can be done of course but that really is the first step to building a site that does well in search engines.  Simply build a site that people will like.

The answer to this question is simple - it's all about marketing.  We get to see a lot of business and marketing plans and are amazed by how some businesses think their website will get traffic without marketing.  The hard reality is that if you build a site and don't actively market it, you'll get between 2 to 5 random (worthless) visitors a day.  But there's not a direct correlation between marketing spend and website traffic.  To successfully market a site, you need either time or a marketing budget or both - the more you have of one, the less you need of the other.  And you need knowledge of your market.  It is possible to market a site with no budget at all but it requires hard work, lots of time and plenty of research on the internet.

But how much traffic will you get and how much do you need? A very rough guide is that most e-commerce sites have a conversion rate of between 0.5% and 2.5%.  That's only a very rough guide of course but work back from there and guess your average sale, your average profit and work out how many sales you need and hence how many visitors you need.  With this information, we can help you plan your online marketing so that you give yourself the best chance of success.  As to how many visitors you will get - how much time and money are you able to put into marketing your site?  When we know this, we'll help you determine targets and give you the tools to make sure you can monitor and meet them.

We build newsletter functionality into our wesbites - they are a very powerful marketing tool.  In fact, integrating a newsletter into your website is important as it gives the user control over their subscriptions from your website and thus the confidence they need to sign up.

We make use of different newsletters - simplenews is, like the name implies, simple.  It integrates perfectly into Drupal websites and is often the easiest / least cost way of getting started.  We also work with other popular newsletter systems; Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact.  These provide more featues, statistics, flexibility and functionality - and are also a little more work to integrate properly into your site.

We give full training in newsletter administration and also offer advice on copy - newsletters work extremely well for some of our clients and it can take only a small difference between a mail that ends up in the deleted items or one that leads to a sale.

We offer Google Analytics to our clients.  For most purposes, this is the most comprehensive statistics package you could wish for.  Google Analytics gives fantastically detailed information, not only about how many visitors you have but also:

  • Where your visitors come from
  • How they found you
  • Comparisons to the past
  • What keywords were used
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Languages
  • Browser and plugin usage
  • Operating system
  • Language
  • Country
  • Region
  • Comparisons with the past and trends
  • How differnt keywords relate to sales and page visits
  • Different navigation paths taken through your site

The list goes on and on......... In fact, Google Analytics keeps adding more features and functionality, it's an incredibly powerful package and, used correctly is a key tool to market and manage your online business.  We provide training to use Google Analytics - our clients tend to find this fascinating and learn the real principles on which a profitable online business works.  When you spot an unusual trend, we're available to help explain it and suggest suitable changes to your site to profit from it.

As standard, we give you some basic reports that you can generate and download as often as you like.  These tell you things like your daily, weekly and monthly sales, your VAT collected, your profit, your customer activity, coupon usage and your stock positions.  We also offer more detailed custom reports that can be used on their own or in conjunction with an accounting package.  All reports can be downloaded from the site as CSV spreadsheets.  Please tell us what information you need and we'll let you know how this can be pulled into a spreadsheet.