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Drupal Development

When developing a Drupal website, there are a number of key stages before launch - planning, installation, configuration, development and theming.  For each ot these tasks we provide consultancy as well as the actual coding skills. Whether it's a community site, a gallery site, an e-commerce site, a marketplace site - we start off looking carefully at what you want to create and how it might expand and then help you to plan your website development.  Sometimes there will be well planned phases of development from the outset, other times we simply look at what's required for launch.  We always take the approach that gets your site live with the minimum required feature set in the shortest space of time.

Once planning is complete, we carry out the Drupal installation for you - choosing all the right modules and then configuring the site to work according to your specification.  This part of the process is quick and is one of the great strengths of Drupal - we can usually get all the core functionality of even a complex website finished in just a few days.

Typically a website may need some custom functionality that is not already provided by one of the many thousands of Drupal modules.  We carry out this development and usually release our modules to the Drupal community so that they can be maintained, tested, developed and used by others.  This open source approach provides you with better, more widely tested code for your website.

The final stage of development of a website is theme development.  All good software has theme and functionality seperated so once we have the broad functionality created, we make a site look the way the designer intended.  If you have a look at our work, you'll see that the look or "theme" of our sites is not generic at all - your website designer has complete freedom to design challenging themes and we work out how to create these complying to web standards, accessibility guidelines and good usability.  We're great with php template, CSS and Javascript - the key tools for Drupal theming and are able to create themes that others find hard to do.  We work with website designers to advise on themes and usability from the early stages of web design so that the final result is flexible enough to grow with your business but also easy to use for your site visitors too.

Module Development

If you already have a Drupal website and you want to expand its functionality in some new and interesting way, chances are that you will need module development.  We have developed and contributed to some of the most useful and important Drupal modules - and we've tested and used many others.

Key modules we have developed are:

The approach taken in module development is very important.  We want to achieve not only the desired functionality but to create durable modules that are easy for others to develop.  This means that all our modules are thoughtfully coded, adhering not only to standards but to Drupal coding style guidelnes and they are well documented too.  From the outset, we give thought to future functionality expansion, future and imminent releases of new Drupal versions and interoperability with other useful modules and Drupal core.  We always thoroughly research and test existing modules before creating our own.

Aside from the modules above, we have expanded Drupal and Ubercart functionality to work with EPOS systems, Accounting systems, Booking systems and third party delivery / fulfilment systems.  We have also created advanced reporting functionality for Ubercart and coded many small helper modules.

Please ask us about the functionality you'd like to create and we'll advise you on how best to create it.