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Gallery website

The websites you see here are all what we call "gallery websites". This means that they display goods, images, text, pages - and they have some interactivity such as enquiry forms, blogs with user comments, booking forms etc. but they don't have e-commerce functionality.

Many of these sites have interesting features - a range of photo galleries, some advanced uses of menus, some have integration with other systems such as a room booking system for a hotel. All these sites have complete freedom of design - the themes are custom made so that your designer has the freedom to design a really bespoke site for you. Other standard features are automatic image resizing, cropping and optimisation (so you don't have to edit images yourself), Google Analytics (the industry standard in website analytics), XML sitemaps that are automatically generated and submitted to search engines each time your content is updated.

Also included for each of these sites is training. It doesn't take long to learn how to use your site, but you can get a lot more from it - as well as a lot more business - if you have good training. We show you not only the basics of site management but also marketing basics and basic SEO (search engine optimisation).

Morant Wright

Private fund mangement comapny Morant Wright chose Infomagnet to develop a Drupal based website to aid client communications.