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UK Government and Internet Explorer 6 Support

The UK government announced that it has no intention of upgrading their web browsers from IE6.  IE6 is very frustrating for web developers - many of us like to complain about Microsoft products and there's certainly a lot of unashamed, often unjustified Microsoft bashing among the open source community.  But IE6 is a pretty awful product.  It is slow, ugly and has known security weaknesses....  but that's not the real reason it's a nuisance for web developers.  IE6 simply doesn't support web standards very well and also doesn't support transparency.  In practice, this means that your beautifully designed website that will work pretty well in most major browsers, requiring only a tweak here and there may well look absolutely terrible in IE6, requiring as much as half as much theme development time again, creating a special version of your website's theme just for IE6 users.  All this for around 6-7% of site visitors.  And even then, it won't look or work quite as nicely as your designer intended.  Transparent layers and graphics are an essential part of modern web design.

Posted by admin on August 6th, 2010
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