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About Us

Infomagnet is a limited company based in the UK. Our programmers are scattered around the world – Argentina, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK. We’re interested in quality only, keep overheads low, employ only the best and aim to make great looking, highly functional, reliable sites that are delivered on time, on budget. And then we provide great support to keep your business. Infomagnet started developing web applications and then were introduced to Drupal and haven’t looked back. Unlike most web development agencies, we provide full training and support including online marketing and SEO.

Our Approach

Our approach is to get your site up and running as fast as possible with the minimum of features and to continually improve the site and service that you offer to your clients. At the same time, we provide you with training and do all the things you can't do until you learn how to do them. This kind of approach - fast to market, hand-holding while you learn - is proved to be the best, time and time again.

We're not the only ones to think like this. Well known leaders in project management, 37signals, have written a great book called "Getting Real".  You can read it online for free here.  We really couldn't put it any better ourselves!



CTO : Ariel Barreiro

Ariel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina is our chief technologist as well as part of our support team. He's an expert, fast and efficient php programmer and is responsible for creating all the functionality required on your site. He also has a host of experience in Python, server admin, mobile phone operating systems and javascript. He started using Drupal in the very early days and has a great knowledge of best practices in Drupal. Ariel has created many important modules in use by the Drupal community and actively participates in groups to shape the software we use. When he's not working out new Drupal functionality, he's spends as much time as possible sky-diving - he's also a good cook and has his own recipe site, running on Drupal of course. Ariel speaks English and Spanish - he can be contacted directly on 020 7193 3232.


Managing Director : Matthew Leigh

With a background in Physics and Engineering Matthew has always straddled the creative and high-tech fields.  Starting at Pentagram in the late 80s when the only computers were in the accounts department, he has also consulted in the City on the move from open outcry to electronic trading and has written on technology for the Daily Telegraph.  In 2003 he formed Infomagnet to carry out web development and now takes charge of development strategy, project management and client training.


Programmer : Yauhen Furseu

Yauhen "Zhen" Furseu (M.A.), is from Vilnius, Lithuania and heads up our theming department - he's responsible for making your site look exactly how the designer intended. He's a strong php programmer, expert with javascript and css and various templating systems and always up to date on cross-browser issues and compliance. Zhen's background is in political science, specialising in e-democracy (that's using IT to promote public participation) and so he knows a lot about what websites need to do to get users to interact as you'd like. He speaks Russian and English.


Designer : Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson, a.k.a the Gingerbread Lady is a multi-disciplined designer.  As well as web, she does branding, POS, print and is a genius with packaging design.  Sophie's niche is luxury brands - from unique getaway destinations to children's clothes, baby goods to top end jewellery and healthcare products.  Sophie works hard for her clients to ensure that quality is visible at every stage - not just the design but all the way through to the final result.

Theme developer : Alberto Sepe

Alberto Sepe is from Naples, Italy and is an expert themer with a great eye for detail.  Always looking for the elegant solution to problems and able to spot design issues very early on, he makes websites look exactly as the designer intended.  Alberto is not only strong on coding Drupal themes but has a background in marketing and communications and so he often ends up consulting on design at an early stage.